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Full Version: Xero - The Latest in Account Keeping Methods for Businesses
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Xero the latest in account keeping
Understand the features Xero has to offer and learn how easy it is to use Xero for your business. This is a general overview of Xero for business owners and their staff, with an opportunity to ask questions.
Xero is an online accounting solution that gives you daily information about where your business is at - without all the hassle of getting the data in there. Some of the things CFO On-Call thinks you will like are:

•Daily automated bank feeds - so your bank statement just shows up.
•A dashboard showing your bank balance, who owes you, and who you owe.
•Your Accountant can log in and help you out if you need.

CFO On-Call and Xero are running short webinars on June 24th, July 5th & 6th to show you first hand how Xero works.
So from the comfort of your desk, you can see how easy it is to now have real-time financial information.

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