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Full Version: Xero - Accounting Webinar
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CFO On-Call and Xero are running Webinars

"An Introduction to Running Your Business on Xero"

Your Association members will thank you when you tell them about our our Webinars.

They can watch and ask questions without leaving their office.
A computer, coffee in hand and just one hour is all that is required!
Xero is an online accounting solution that gives you daily information about where your business is at - without all the hassle of getting the data in there. Some of the benefits are:

•Daily automated bank feeds - so your bank statement just shows up.
•A dashboard showing your bank balance, who owes you, and who you owe.
•Beautifully designed and simple to use - to get what you want fast.
•Easy reporting with real-time data.
•Your accountant or bookkeeper can log in and help out if you need.
All Webinar attendees will receive a Free copy of the highly rated book 'The Seven Key Numbers that Drive Profit and Cash Flow'.

Register Now at
Call me to organise a webinar that is specific to your industry members needs. - 1300 36 24 36

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