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Full Version: Master Builders Association - The Ten Commandments for the Management of a Dispute
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Dispute Resolution

Master Builders offers dispute resolution as one of its core services and can assist members to manage the dispute.

Master Builders dispute services can assist parties to a dispute through various dispute management processes namely, 'without prejudice' conferences, mediation or arbitration.

Dispute services are delivered across Queensland through our Brisbane and regional offices.

We can also help members in relation to:

•Clarification on contract documents
•Tribunal proceedings
•Conduct of 'without prejudice' conferences
•Referral to specific contractor experts Interpretation and understanding of legislation, regulations and codes
•Referral to accredited Building Consultants through the Institute of Building Consultants (IBC)
•Quality of work disputes

The Ten Commandments for the Management of a Dispute

1. Do not allow the grievance to escalate into a dispute by avoiding or ignoring your client's grievances.

2. Maintain a good working relationship and avoid the adversarial relationships.

3. Make time to communicate with your client face-to-face and give your client the opportunity to explain the nature of their grievance.

4. Do not interrupt while your client is speaking no matter how "far fetched" you think their side of the events are.

5. Listen, listen and listen.

6. As your client talks, listen, listen, listen and take notes on what they are describing about their grievance.

7. After your client has finished speaking respond in a calm, clear and non-threatening manner.

8. Once you have both agreed on an appropriate course of action act quickly to implement the resolution.

9. If you can not resolve the grievances seek assistance sooner rather than later. For example, contact Master Builders for advice.

10. In any building related dispute you should apply sound commercial judgment by pursuing a course of action that minimizes your loss (monetary/relationships).

Contact Queensland Masters Builders Association on

Phone: (07) 5453 5260
Mobile: 0418 984 594
or visit their website on

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