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Hedge Designer Aluminium Garden Edging - admin - 21-06-2011 02:06 PM

Hedge offers this great Aluminium Garden Edging to complete that great looking Landscaping Project

Stylish and durable, this designer garden edge is perfect where a permanent division between materials is required between materials.
Separate garden materials:

• Turf
• Artificial Lawn
• Garden beds
• Mulch
• Gravel
• Decorative pebble paths
• Stepping stones
• Concrete formwork
• Paving edge
• Council street trees
• Residential plants & trees

Key Features:
• Flexible to bend around curved edges
• Professional look
• Recyclable resource
- Can be moved as your garden grows
- Can be altered when your design changes
• Anodised Powder Coating = No rusting
• No rotting or maintenance
• Structural and held product in place every time

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