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July 2011 FREE Members Workshop - admin - 07-07-2011 06:07 PM

Hi Landscape Industry Associates,

Just a quick message to anyone who is interested in coming along to our second iLandscape Workshop which will be held on Wednesday 27th June 2011 from 4.30pm – 5.30pm at the Pacific Paradise Bowls Club and includes a free sausage sizzle and soft drink. Please find attached an information flyer for your perusal.

We had a tremendous turn out to our first workshop with some great positive feedback on issues in relation to Landscaping Business Management and Workplace Health & Safety.

Issues to be discussed at our Second Workshop will be Cash Flow Management presented by Mike Hogarth from CAD Partners and the QCAT Procedure on Debt Recovery presented by QCAT & iLandscape.

To rsvp to this event please email or telephone 07 5493 5975

We welcome feedback of any kind in regard to our workshop, and are covering topics that interest our members. If you have any feedback or questions you would like answered please contact us today on

Please don’t hesitate in contacting me direct on if I can be of any assistance.

Visit for more details on anything Landscaping