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SDC Landscaping Products - admin - 27-08-2011 06:49 PM

We specialise in a product called Real Crete and are proud to be able to offer this product to the Sunshine Coast region.

SDC Landscaping have partnered with Real Crete to expand to the Sunshine Coast region; due to high demand.

We manufacture and install our own concrete products which include:
• Designer Concrete Sleepers; used for structural retaining walls, small retaining walls, garden beds and edging etc.
• Durable Concrete Bollards; used for safety barriers, sub-division works, parks and gardens.
• Concrete Post and Railing Fencing; used for decorative fencing, subdivision and property development.

Some benefits of our products are:
• Longevity
• Strength
• Resistance to rotting and termite damage
• Sustainability
• Maintenance free
• Environmentally safe

Please find attached more infomration on our products by viewing the attached Pdf Files or by visiting