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CCS Concrete Sealers - Epoxy Sealers - admin - 28-08-2011 04:11 PM

[Image: 20110827_ccs_logo-119x65.jpg]
The versatility and durability of decorative concrete makes it one of the most suitable surfaces for a multitude of environments.

And just as each environment is different, so too are the sealers that are required. Consideration should be given to the look you want to achieve, location, abrasion and chemical resistance, maintenance limitations, site access challenges and slip resistance.

As a long term leading supplier to the industry, CCS are very familiar with these requirements. We are continually researching, testing, modifying and adding sealers to our range - to meet the ever changing
needs of the concrete industry throughout Australia and overseas.

Our range:-
CCS Ultra Epoxy WB (water based, low VOC)
CCS Ultra Epoxy High Build

The following downloads can provide detailed information on CCS Concrete Sealing Range


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