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About - admin - 08-10-2011 12:38 PM

Many people have asked how came about !!! It was through years of product research for our Landscape Constuction Company that unfolded into iLandscape...

In approximately December 2009 after more than 20 years in the Nursery, Turf Management and Landscaping industry I decided to begin collating the notes as well as images and products that not only we have used but also all the products and differant landscaping services that are available in the Landscaping Industry throughout Australia..

Along with Lee from the L10 Group we began the creation of the Website we have today. We have programmed the entire site from scratch and along with the many upgrades that we have already started and as well as building in the future iLandscape can offer everything you need to find in the Landscaping Industry.

Our mission is to provide not only the public with the latest information on Landscaping Products and Services available but also the Landscape Contracting companies with an easy to use Directory to find local Suppliers in locations all over Australia. Members and their guest can utilise our Directory of the latest materials used in Landscaping projects all over Australia as well as methods used to construct projects more efficiently.

We work alongside Industry Leaders to provide our members with the Latest information in Industry matters as well as upcoming events and issues. Members can approach iLandscape to assist them with any matters in relation to Marekting and Business Account Management and our members can offer services in relation Human Resource, Workplace Health & Safety as well as Industry issues..

If you would like more information in relation to what iLandscape can do for your Business please dont hesitate in contacting me at any time

Yours in Landscaping

Jason Kay
CEO -"The First Click in Landscaping"