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iLandscape 1st Birthday Mini Landscape Expo - admin - 12-11-2011 09:06 PM "The First Click in Landscaping" are holding a Mini Landscape Expo to celebrate our First Birthday...


Friday December 9th - 12.00 midday - 5.00pm
Saturday December 10th - 9.00 am - 3.00 pm


iLandscape Regional Branch
Dual Avenue, Kawana Industrial Estate, Warana Q.

92.7 Mix Fm are holding an Live Broadcast between 12.00 midday & 3.00 pm on the Friday and their will be a BBQ Available as well as softdrinks...

There will be Products from Members on Display as well as Available to be purchased at Special Expo Prices.

Some of the members that will be displaying at the Mini Landscaping Expo are

Glenview Turf
Duramate Sheds
Exotic Pebbles
Adbri Masonry
Hedge Designer Landscape Solutions
Coates Hire
Hy-Tec Concrete
Concrete Options
Amgrow Domestic Fertilsers
Barmac Professional Fertilsers & Pesticides

Landscape Queensland Industry Association will be avaialable to answer Landscaping Questions as well as provide professional advice on Landscaping Industry Matters

iLandscapes Mini Landscape Expo is open to everyone and we welcome you to join us and help celebrate our 1st Birthday

For more information please dont hesitate in contacting us at any time on 07 5493 5975 or email us on

Download the Invitation by clicking here [attachment=84]