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Full Version: Water Pumps for Tanks and Irrigation
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Only the best quality pumps from Artesian Rainwater Tanks will ensure you get the most out of your purchase and Rainwater Harvesting efforts.

When choosing a pump for your home, shed, or wherever the pump hooked to your rainwater harvesting system the information below should be strongly considered.

What pump features do you consider necessary?
What will the pump be servicing and used for? ( for example provide water for flushing toilets, cold water use in the laundry, external taps, irrigation etc. )
How far a distance will the water need to be pumped outwards from original source.
What height must the Pump perform too, such as a 2 story home etc, what is the height difference between the pump pick up point and the outlets?
Does the company /brand name have and offer a good warranty period and service network?
What water pressure and flow rate is necessary for the pump to maintain delivery to selected and preferred outlets?
What water pressure and flow rate is required particularly when used for irrigation – lawn sprinklers etc ?
Is the brand name of the Pump trusted ?
Don't be afraid of Chinese made pumps. There is good and bad everywhere. Even a reputable name such as Davey import pumps from Taiwan.

To view more information on the pumps avaialble please see the attached brochure

Submersible Pumps - [attachment=90]
Surface Mounted Pumps - [attachment=91]
DAB Pumps - [attachment=92]
Davey Rainsaver - [attachment=93]

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